Nine Months

Dear Cecilia-

This holiday season we felt like we started Christmas with a baby and celebrated New Year’s with a little kid. After a few false starts (one legged-Igor crawl, an Army crawl, treadmill crawling in place, fancy backward crawling), you officially mastered forward movement. And boy, once you started you were like a little Richard Simmons. This ball of exuberant energy that just had to move or go insane. Crawling has opened up your world to everything and both of us have thoroughly enjoyed seeing just where exactly this little locomotive wants to go next.

First stop is always the kitchen. There are lots of things that are interesting in the kitchen, especially Lola’s pink bowls on the floor. Sometimes they are empty, but sometimes they are full! Full of wonderful things like water or treats and boy nothing tastes better after a long crawl over cold tile than a little (organic) dog food. And guess what Mom and Dad, these little pellets are even better than Cheerios at marking my trail throughout the house.

Next stop is the office where the dog bed is kept. It’s soft and warm and best of all, the wonderful lump of fur we call Lola can usually be found lounging in the bed for most of the day. After interrupting Lola’s nap, you’re off to the living room where your toys and books are kept. However, your favorite “toy” of the living room is the DVD player where you open and close the cover door like a blue hair, chain smoking woman pulling a slot arm at Foxwoods. One of us usually has to drag you away like it’s last call at dollar draft night. Our typical ploy is to whisk you upstairs (we’ve quickly learned the power of distraction) to Mommy and Daddy’s room, where our dressers and tables give you endless entertainment. Cords? Gotta chew on ’em. Under the bed? A field of tasty fuzz. That paperweight that Mom loves so much? Well you love it too and try your hardest to lift it up and roll it across the room.

While crawling is currently you’re preferred mode, you’ve also experimented with being a biped. For Christmas, Santa brought you your very own Radio Flyer Walker Wagon. You love to walk until you can walk no more, which usually meaning you’ve crashed headlong into a wall or a chair or Lola. You like to load the wagon up with your toys, but even more importantly you use the cool metal handle to teethe on. Oh the relief.

All of the above was momentous, but the one development that has dwarfed all others for us is starting to see your sense of humor bubble up and shine through. Peek-a-boo is funny, spitting out broccoli, even funnier. Filling your cheeks with blueberries till the juice runs down and tickles your chin? Hilarious. Seeing your antics crack Mom and Dad up? Gut busting. You hand out smiles and giggles like they’re free lollipops at the bank. You’re an easy laugh and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

At nine months, you love giving kisses to all things furry and soft, you love music and will bounce to the beat as you crawl along. You start most days standing up in your crib, greeting us with a big smile. Nine months of pregnancy was filled with anticipation of who you would be; nine months of life have been filled with jubilation on who you are becoming.

Momma & Dadda

(Ed. note: Dear future Cece – if you one day look back and read these you may notice the dates are a bit off from the actual milestones. That’s called procrastination. Rest assured these initial months have been so full of smiles, rainbows and cute pink outfits that spending time with you easily trumped writing about our time with you. Feel free to use this as blackmail about writing that 7th grade book report when the time comes.)

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