Lola’s New Puppy

A post with a baby and a cute dog? The internet might explode. Any fears we had (and they were pretty minimal with Lola’s temperament) over Lola meeting Cece have largely dissipated. Heaven help us if Cece cries and we don’t move fast enough.

Here’s how it goes:

It’s 2:30 AM. Cece mewls in her crib. Lola’s head pops up from the other room. Parents roll over. Cece makes another noise. Lola looks at sleeping owners. Nothing. Lola marches to the head of the bed and picks a target. Cece cries again, really giving it some oomph this time. It penetrates the sleepy parent’s skulls. Parents peel eyes open. One of them is the lucky winner of a hot dog breath sauna. Satisfied that we are taking this seriously, Lola will hop down like Lassie and stand by the crib till one of us moseys over to the nursery and makes sure Cece hasn’t fallen down any abandoned wells.  

I fear a conspiracy in the making.

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