A Girl and Her Dog

Who knew that the birth of our daughter would morph our fastidious and rather indolent cocker spaniel into a regular border collie. This will get interesting as Cecilia gets more mobile, but for the moment, it is just plain cute. Cece isn’t close to a full on crawl yet, but she is managing a sort of hybrid Army/inchworm wiggle at a drunk snail’s pace across her play mat. I ge the feeling that Lola believes we’re being a bit brazen just letting our little hairless pup mosey around so freely. Anytime we set Cece down and encourage her to break free from her stationary bonds, Lola springs into action and ensures that the only way Cece will go falling down any abandoned wells is over her dead body. Quite literally. She will plop right beside or right in front of Cece like a canine roadblock. Given her motor skills so far, Cece’s only option is to move ahead doggedly into the furry wall like a confused Roomba stuck in a corner.

Other than that tic, the two of them are becoming thick as thieves. A situation that will only cement itself, I’m sure, once Cecilia starts dropping edible bits off her high chair to her four legged accomplice. While Lola’s favorite activity is herding her furless charge, Cece just plain loves waving and holding out her fingers for Lola to lick. Given the hilarious way she busts a gut, you’d think we’d hooked her up to a nitrous oxide IV or that Lola was acting out scenes from Annie Hall.

They’ve gotten to be such buddies that Lola, a dog that typically runs and hides upstairs when she hears the creak of the bathroom spigot being turned on, will now happily prance into the bathroom and sit by the tub while her “puppy” gets a bath. Babies really do change everything.

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