Using the word hate in the same breath as baby always feels a bit wrong doesn’t it? Let’s just say that nine months in there are a few things that Cecilia strongly dislikes.

  1. Getting her nose wiped
    It might have been the day we ran out of tissues and I was forced to use light grain sandpaper, but she strongly detests anyone coming near her nostrils.
  2. Bibs
    Who knows maybe she had an unpleasant experience with the umbilical cord, but she does not take kindly to having anything wrapped around her neck. Turn your back and it’s off and on the floor.
  3. Derek Jeter
    Red Sox’s parents can never start too early. Nothing as graphic as bleacher taunts, we just patiently point out his flaws and how unjust all those gold gloves are.
  4. Hats
    Sometimes we can distract her enough to forget for awhile, but how dare we try to cover up that big brain. But c’mon, how can we not torture her with hats when they look this cute.

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