Cece vs. The Baby Pool

It would be more apropos to say ‘kiddie’ pool as Cece is definitely no longer a baby. To underline that point in bold, red pen the daycare recently informed us that Cece would be graduating from the infant room to the toddler room next month. We even received a report card (above average in everything except utensils).  I don’t think either of us is quite ready to say good-bye to the baby stage just yet, so baby pool it is until further notice.

Last week, we traveled down the turnpike to visit Grandmother and Papa and were hit smack in the face with sizzling summer temps. Luckily, Grandmother was prepared with the backyard staple of childhood: the blue plastic pool. Cece and her cousin Nathan were able to get some sun, relax and sip some bottles poolside. Take a look.

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