Father’s Day 2010

You marry someone with future in mind,
You start as a couple, get a dog,  and soon you find
That time passes and you get the parenthood call,
A baby is born and you feel you have it all.

She coos, cries, and smiles with glee,
You can’t help but kissing her cheeks, toes, and knee.
She shares your looks,
She also likes books.
Bath time, photos, and trips to the park,
Covering her with blankets when the sky gets dark.

You are her father and I am your wife,
We couldn’t be more blessed with our life.
Every day you teach us something new,
We love you Daddieee…Happy Father’s Day to you!

As an added bonus feature, Chelle and Cece also created a sweet slideshow. They are not as tricky ad Daddy with getting it on the website, but you can see it over here.

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