Evolutionary Road

I fully expect that in a century or two any ex-patriot Donohues still living in New England will develop a genetic mutation that allows us to experience driving the northeast corridor in some sort of fugue state. Just steer the car onto 95, bliss out and wake up at your destination. Last week’s Thanksgiving drive was a top five nightmare with the car smoking and spitting transmission fluid all over Connecticut. It’s a testament to how bleak it appeared that we count a four hour delay as very, very lucky. I’m pretty sure the sight of Cece marching around the mechanic’s bay and Lola’s confusion in going up and down on the garage lift helped our cause by charming the grease off the workers.

Despite that very rocky start and the pending ulcer inducing search for a new car, Ce’s second Thanksgiving (or Happy Gobble Gobble as she termed it) was a good time. She was  able to reconnect with her long lost soul mate Ghibli, shoot some hoops with cousin Nathan down in DC and visit both great-grandparents back in Philly. Not to mention swiping a whole package of free oil change coupons from Southland Auto.

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