Teddy Bear

We don’t listen to a lot of kid’s music. In general, I feel today’s culture has become very kid-centric and when you have a child your world gets turned upside down enough without having to give up your music too. When we are in the car or making dinner, more often than not our ipod or radio is tuned to our music. I’m actually a little bit nervous of what I might do if I had to navigate the Jersey turnpike traffic along with three or four straight hours of Raffi or the Wiggles. Cecilia rarely seems to mind and it’s often funny to see which random tunes get her dancing (Arcade Fire is a favorite). She has the chorus to her namesake’s song down flat. It’s not that we deprive her and not that we don’t sing kid songs or nursery rhymes or watch Muppet Show Youtube clips. We do and if the Kid’s Hour is on the local station during dinner we don’t go out of our way to change it. It’s just that as fun and silly as most of the songs are, they are also insidious and scary little viruses that can get lodged in your ear canal and rot your brain.

Chelle captured (sort 0f – as usual she is bouncing around like a caffeinated water bug) a rare video of Cecilia in the wild singing her latest favorite. I dare you to listen and not find yourself humming it an hour later. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Larger HD version here

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear……

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