Fire Dancer

Now that we’ve reintegrated into reality and caught up on work, you can expect a lot more vacation photos and videos soon, but here is a little video that captures the mood pretty well. A sunset like that will quickly make you forget a long flight in coach with a toddler.

This was taken at dinner one night when Ce was antsy. Not unusual. Sitting still for toddlers isn’t a normal trait, right? What was a bit unusual was Ce getting up and dancing in front of many, many people. Let’s just say she typically takes after her Dad and is a bit more reserved in public (we don’t know about her air guitar or how she acts at weddings yet). You’ll notice she sort of stops and stares when people try to interact with her almost as if they popped the invisible, isolation bubble she believes she’s in.

The whole show lasted a solid twenty minutes and received rave reviews from other diners. So much so that the following night, in an entirely different town, two people approached us at dinner and said how much they like the show previous night.

Larger HD version here

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