Ce vs. the Pea III

As I look out the window the peas are thigh high, climbing the trellis and starting to flower so this is long overdue, but for those of you wondering, Cecilia and I had Pea Day III in early April (a few weeks late but it was a chilly spring) and planted our spring crop of sugar snap peas in the garden.

With each passing year, we get closer to actually planting straight rows! This year Cecilia was very keen on checking for worms and giving the peas their dinner (water) and a comfy bed (nicely raked).

Two months later and so far, so good. Peas have sprouted relatively close to the trellis. Rabbits have yet to find them and Dash seems satisfied to let them be (why waste time with peas when delicious strawberries are just a few feet away). Couldn’t ask for much more.

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