Sisters vs. Milestones

Allison turned one last month and it was a big milestone. We managed not to drop this little screecher creature on her head for a full year! But in retrospect, minus the pink frosting, that day was much like the day before or the day after. From my porch rocker, with my Werther’s Original, I’m sure I will remember the birthdays, the holidays and the graduations, but I also think other, everyday milestones might linger just as large as those more well-marketed Hallmark days.

The last couple months have brought four of these events for us:

Cecilia is out of a car seat

Sure, this one is more driven by our frugality and Allison’s legs hanging out of the baby carrier, but it sure is nice to have one less bulky monstrosity clogging up our back seat and fossilizing months worth of Cheerios and milk stains.

Kindergarten orientation

On Wednesday we attend an information session in preparation for Cecilia going to kindergarten in the fall. How did that happen? I should really call this one the last days of day care bills, at least for two children, but we’ll still have tuition (for full day kindergarten) and after school programs, so it feels like a wash. I sometimes dream of disposable income.

The return of the potty seat
One big advantage of two kids? The younger one is a mimic and for Allison that extends right into the privy and your personal space. For much of January she has been using the potty. Not full-time, but a couple times each day, usually in the morning and at night and I’m in favor of anything that results in less diapers. And laughs. Because the site of such a tiny person on a toilet is funny. It just is.

Allison’s sneakers
This last one is an example of how the smallest things can have the biggest impact. After the Christmas break, we swapped Allison’s soft infant moccasins for a pair of toddler sneakers. SheShe quickly took to them, stomping playfully around the kitchen and looking for all the world like she was ready to demand the car keys.

I’ll be quite happy to delay that milestone for a few more years.

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