Kids vs. the Nap

Finally felt like spring was here this weekend and we did our parental duty and hit four playgrounds and let the kids loose. They hit that unsuspecting equipment like squirrels injected with high-test caffeine and we were happy sit back in the sun and let them go until they were glassy-eyed with fatigue.

It was a good thing too as the last few weeks our house has been more like a hospital ward than a home. The rampaging stomach bug hit our house hard and it was not pretty. No photos of that, but one afternoon we tried to convince the kids to take an afternoon nap on the couch. Cecilia and Dash were all for it (Cecilia will agree to anything if Frozen is on in the background). Allison also thought this couch game was a blast. She’d lie down then pop up every ten seconds and cackle.

The naps never happened, but we did get some funny photos.

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