Sisters vs. Spring

The last week has been a haze of Benadryl, pollen and hay fever. Cecilia even stayed home from school one day because she honestly looked so pathetic by 7 a.m., nose flowing, eyes watering, that even our two-child hardened hearts could not send her into daycare.

Don’t think we didn’t consider Saran wrapping her windows and doors to create a bubble of sanity for the poor child. The amount of antihistamines she was on was the close equivalent of a horse tranquilizer, but did it put our 5 year old down? Of course not. You’d also think that being home she would revel in watching her shows all day. What happens? She’s in my office by 9:30 wondering if I’d like to color.

So our recent relations with spring and its millions of spores and inch worms has left us re-thinking our position on winter. A month ago however when the permafrost softened and the 4 inches of ice finally melted we were happy to drop the drawbridge, unlock the doors and throw open the gates and let the little beasts run wild.

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