Ally vs. 2 Years Old

Between traveling for Thanksgiving, prepping for Christmas and finalizing all the move arrangements, Ally’s birthday at the beginning of the month got a little squeezed for attention. Of course, she handled it all with typical aplomb. Really.

Right now, Ally is coasting through life on rainbow roller skates. Unlike her more serious sister, at two, Ally likes nothing more than making us laugh with silly faces, shaking her bum on any dance floor and being the self-elected mayor of day care.

She let her big sister ‘help’ unwrap her presents and ‘help’ blow our her candles and ‘help’ eat that first piece of cake. But it’s all good. Life as a two year old with a big sister and a house full of dolls is a pretty good life. Except nap time. Nap time still stinks.


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