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Cecilia vs. Second Grade

Cecilia is now officially a second grader. The bus came (and stopped this year) and off she went, a new grade and a new school.

She was alternately bursting with chatter and quietly withdrawn this morning, a bundle of nervous excitement. When she arrived home, it was all smiles and criss-crossing stories about her first day. I’m sure by November we will be able to piece together some semblance of her normal classroom routine, but for now, pictures of the morning….

(Note: It was pajama day at day care for Ally. Four out of five days we are with it enough to get her formally dressed before leaving the house.)


Sisters vs. Halloween

Stress was already high at our house with a potential move looming, so our nerves were pretty¬†shredded even before the prospect of facing a¬†screwed up bed time routine and sugar crashing children entered the picture. So we gritted our teeth and….were pleasantly surprised.

The alcohol def-con started the night at 4, but never inched higher. There were no costume mishaps, no spills, no tears, no boneless meltdowns. There was definitely some candy and hyperactivity, but it all crested and crashed to have both Elsa and Tink sleeping by nine. A veteran of five Halloweens now, I’ll take that.

Sisters vs. Thanksgiving

A few more quick scenes from our Thanksgiving in D.C. Other than mile markers and turnpike exits, what I’ll remember most is the sheer delight Cecilia took in learning that there was another holiday that involved copious presents. She is now quite interested in a dual faith upbringing!

Sisters vs. Halloween

If I learned anything in the last four years it’s that Halloween typically ends in sugar, frustration and bourbon. This year we can probably add streaks of Ariel-red hair spray on the sheets and furniture.

We tried to get ahead of the demons that are sure to occupy our children by this tomorrow night and get a few decent pictures of Hallween prep and pageantry for posterity.

Cost basis on the honey pot costume keeps getting lower!

Ce vs. Edaville

There are many litmus tests for discovering a native Southern New Englander, like a Masonic password, you just need to whisper the word and you have an instant connection with a stranger. Del’s, coffee milk, Rocky Point, the lingering memories of white knuckle crossings of the old Jamestown Bridge. Take your pick. I’m sure every part of the country has similar nooks and crannies of curious Americana that interstates mostly bypass these days.

Well, who are we to deny Cecilia a chance at experiencing a railroad themed amusement park carved out of a working cranberry bog located in the backwoods of suburban Carver, Massachusetts. We’re not! So, in late October, during the cranberry harvest we headed south for an afternoon of Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds and bumper cars at Edaville Railroad. Check it:

All Aboard from Mike Donohue on Vimeo.

In all seriousness, this is a great little place to kill a Saturday afternoon. Small enough to tire them out, but not so big that you can’t cover it all in three hours. Reasonable prices with one of the (abundant) coupons, too. If you’ve never been, it’s worth a trip. I’d recommend packing your own food. They have ample food kiosks, but none that I’d like to risk my colon on again.

Ce vs. Apple Picking

A few weeks ago, before Sandy, before the snow, back when we were only being assaulted by by Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren ads, we decided we needed to renew our New England membership card before winter hit. On a crisp Saturday, with carpet of yellow and red leaves waiting to be raked, we headed out to pick some apples.

We met some friends at Honey Pot Hill in Stow and had ourselves a nice, little Norman Rockwell day. We ate cider donuts, we picked way too many apples, we decided on a pumpkin and we successfully kept the kids from climbing into the pig pens. A successful day any way you look at it!


Pickin’ from Mike Donohue on Vimeo.