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Allison vs. the Homecoming

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Day six and I finally feel like I can take a deep breath. Today feels like the first day of a routine, at least during the time we are both on leave. Cecilia is (happily) at daycare. Allison is content and napping. Dash has been walked and is asleep under the desk, and I even convinced Chelle to take a rest (napping isn’t in her nature).

Momma and new baby arrived home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon and Cecilia and Dash both could not have been more excited. Cecilia is taking her big sister role seriously. Very seriously. She can be a bit intimidating when she get in her hands-on-hips lecturing mode. She says I have a lot to learn about changing diapers and feeding babies. Dash, on the other hand, seem at times terrified, curious and jealous. Sometimes all at the same time, to the point where he’s just hopping around a big, fluffy ball of conflicting impulses. Need to get that on camera. He’s probably going to take the longest to adjust. He does not like infant crying.

Allison went to her first wellness check at the pediatrician yesterday and passed with flying colors, despite a touch of remaining jaundice. Back for more checks on Wednesday. She appears to have her days and nights out of synch, so nights have been long, but this is our second tour and we’re not harboring many illusions of rest for awhile.

Here are the things we know for sure at this point:
1. Allison’s head is much, much smaller than Ce’s
2. Allison has much more hair for now
3. Their poops both smell the same
4. It’s really hard not to take a cute photo of an infant.

Reset Button?

So if anyone knows where the reset button is on kids please let us know. I’ve checked everywhere and just can’t seem to find it. Living with Cece would be wonderful if we were in say, Tokyo, alas we’re still on the eastern seaboard and Cece still thinks 2 am is 2 pm. She has her days and nights mixed up. She is wide awake, wiggling and a glow stick short of a rave every night. Here, check the photos:


And of course here she is the next afternoon sleeping it off like a sailor getting over a shore leave.


The Queen Has Abdicated

After some tough negotiations, Lola has graciously abdicated the throne of the house to Cece. I’m pretty sure there were some back room deals involving future high chair airdrops, but regardless, the deal was sealed with a sniff a careful lick of the tiny hand. Lola is doing fine. She’s curious and gets a little nervous when Cece cries, but overall she is happy to sit beside us on the couch or sit in her bed in the nursery.