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Ce vs. the little sister

Hello, Allison. Happy birthday.

After the late night drama of Cecilia’s birth, Allison’s delivery was remarkably and happily drama free. No speeding, no ER visit, no doom and gloom pronouncements and stone faced doctors. It was smiles and Christmas carols (literally carols in the operating room).

Allison officially joined us a little after nine in the morning. Aced her apgars, weighed in a more palatable7 pounds, 9 ounces  (Ce was a 9 pounder) and was 20.5 inches long with a big shock of dark hair.

She was eating, sleeping and very chill yesterday. Momma was also doing very well. Cecilia was very happy to finally meet her sister and must have planted triple digit kisses on her forehead by the end of the day. We brought one of Allison’s hats home for Dash. He tried to eat it. I won’t read too much into that right now.

Here are some pictures from Day 1.

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No Longer Pregnant

Its been three weeks since Cecilia’s birth and the emergency C section.  I have been recovering quite well from the operation and now that I am healing I am starting to appreciate that I am no longer pregnant.  Pregnancy for the most part treated me well:

  • I never got true morning sickness
  • I didn’t gain an enormous amount of weight
  • I didn’t have any swelling
  • I really never had any strange cravings except for buying that industrial size box of Lucky Charms and being addicted to them for a week 

Now I did have my fair share of unique pregnancy experiences but probably the most inconvenient thing about being pregnant was the GIANT BELLY I ended up acquiring.  The pictures below were taken on Easter, the day before I gave birth to Cecilia.  At the end of the pregnancy I kept complaining that there was no more room at the hotel for the baby.  I no longer had control over my stomach…It was controlling me

  • I had to bend over my stomach to put on my shoes
  • I wasn’t able to pull my chair in under my desk at work because my stomach was in the way
  • I walked leaning almost backwards to balance myself 
  • I used my stomach as a arm rest, table, shelf and whatever else I could imagine
  • I could no longer squeeze by people in the train station and many times would bump into them directly

Needless to say, I feel free again and am happy to be able to see my toes and bend down without looking like a circus clown doing a trick at the ring.  Oh yeah, and being able to sleep on your back again is a wonderful thing!

The Waiting Game

Waiting really is the hardest part, especially after nine full months. And I’m not even the pregnant one. At this point, I think we’ve run through the advance checklists and have done as much as we can. The stroller is together, the crib is still standing, the nursery is filled with the mysterious scents of baby powder, clean little clothes and diaper cream. We’ve had the car seat inspected. We’ve packed bags for the inevitable hospital run. I’ve charged camera batteries. Friends and family are on high alert. We realize this will probably be the last time it is so clean and quiet, so while waiting is hard, we’re trying to enjoy these last few moments.