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Ce vs. the City

At the rate I’m going, I’ll be posting middle school videos on the eve of high school graduation. Regardless of my sloth and inactivity, I hope you enjoy a quick video from back at the beginning of summer. Spring wasn’t great. Well, the cold and rain was great for the peas (a bumper crop this year), but not great for little kids eager to break the bonds of winter and get outside in shorts and upsleeves (I hope Ce never stop using that term, I love it. Upsleeves along with cup sofa (coaster) are probably my favorite Ce-isms).

It was a dark and drab spring and most of Memorial Day weekend was pretty gray as well, but Monday dawned bright and mild and we were determined to make something of it. It was off to Boston for a day of exploring. It may have taken 20 years and untold billions but I can really say the Big Dig is kind of nice. Downtown is totally transformed and much more pedestrian friendly. There are new parks, playgrounds and gardens. You should really come and visit.

[Note: if you’re a parent and are seeing this whole enterprise as a transparent ploy to drain our kids of energy on the cheap and open the wine a little earlier on our return, then you are totally correct! And it totally worked!]

A Morning at the Museum

Have you ever driven a tank through midtown Manhattan on a Friday afternoon? How about blindfolded? That’s a rough, but very similar, analogy to visiting the Boston Children’s Museum on a Sunday at the end of February school vacation week.

We knew what were getting into, last year we’d learned the hard way to avoid peak times, but at this point, even during this mild winter, we’ve exhausted our supply of crafts, recipes, pet stores, food stores, libraries and tanning salons in a thirty mile wide radius to tire out Cecilia. It was the city or bust. We brought reinforcements in the form of the Almeidas and despite a few crying jags (names withheld) we managed to have a good time. Check it out:

Larger HD version here