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Ce vs. the Mudflats

When the tide goes out in the tidal flats on the bay side of Cape Cod, it really goes out. Like Cecilia backpedaling from an afternoon nap, the water seemingly recedes backward over the horizon for miles (that’s only a small exaggeration). Walking out on the exposed sandbars early in the morning can often make you feel like an apocalypse survivor. Just you and the horseshoe crabs. All that empty space is heaven for a toddler with energy to burn.

See for yourself.

Larger HD version here.

Ce vs. The Mud Flats

The Brewster mud flats are hard to describe, and even if I did, they are harder to really believe until you’ve seen it yourself. When it’s low tide, you can walk out two miles in ankle deep water. When it’s high tide, well, it looks like a normal old beach. Ce thinks its magic and I’m hard pressed to argue. One of our favorite summer activities has been to walk out onto the sandbars at low tide exploring tide pools, making sand turtles and chasing sea gulls. And let me say for a girl deathly afraid of just about any type of insect (or baby hermit crabs), she has a true love of jelly fish (baby ones, or whatever populates the Brewster flats) and will readily pick them up. Toddlers, go figure.