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Sisters vs. the Pajamas

It started last night. I came out of the shower and found them wiggling on the nursery floor like the cutest larvae you’ve ever seen.

Maybe I should have seen this coming last year when Michelle made us all buy a matching shirts on vacation (yes, almost 12 months later I can now admit it). It turns out that devious act of marriage jujitsu have been just the tip of the iceberg. In a house with two little girls, she now has the opportunity to fully scratch that matching outfit itch and Cecilia is a more than enthusiastic co-conspirator.

So now, not only am I awash in dolls, ruffles, cute pastel onesies and every hue of pink in the spectrum, there is now a coordinated attack on the girl’s wardrobe. I need to keep a close eye on Dash before I find him with harmonizing accessories danging from his ears or collar.

Impromptu Fashion Show

We’ve definitely noticed an uptick in Cecilia’s interest in clothes, outfits and dressing herself lately. Which I suppose is natural given her growing toddler insistence on independence. She’s also shown a strong interest in folding laundry and packing suitcases. We’re not quite sure what to make of that. The other day Ce disappeared for awhile and the house was unnaturally quiet, but the electricity didn’t flash, there was no smell of singed hair or smoke alarms, so we didn’t pay it too much mind. Ten minutes later, she re-appeared (no worse for the wear) wearing this:


Using the word hate in the same breath as baby always feels a bit wrong doesn’t it? Let’s just say that nine months in there are a few things that Cecilia strongly dislikes.

  1. Getting her nose wiped
    It might have been the day we ran out of tissues and I was forced to use light grain sandpaper, but she strongly detests anyone coming near her nostrils.
  2. Bibs
    Who knows maybe she had an unpleasant experience with the umbilical cord, but she does not take kindly to having anything wrapped around her neck. Turn your back and it’s off and on the floor.
  3. Derek Jeter
    Red Sox’s parents can never start too early. Nothing as graphic as bleacher taunts, we just patiently point out his flaws and how unjust all those gold gloves are.
  4. Hats
    Sometimes we can distract her enough to forget for awhile, but how dare we try to cover up that big brain. But c’mon, how can we not torture her with hats when they look this cute.

Fall Fashion

Who said sewing is dead? Long live home ec! Turns out there is nothing like a baby to get people to sharpen their darning needles. Leading up to her birth and since, we’ve received many wonderful homemade gifts from blankets and hats, to sweaters and socks. Since she was born in April, we haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate her chic wardrobe till the weather started turning. She’s now turning quite a few heads in her distinct, homemade line.

The other thing we’ve noticed is how a new generation gets people talking about family and traditions. We’ve loved hearing stories about extending a gallon of milk. Strategies for getting kids to bed. Homespun teething respites. Late night Christmas disasters and quite a few other tales that would make a social worker blush! While we’re looking forward to our first holiday season, we’ve already initiated Cece into the Donohue family tradition of traveling relentlessly up and down the Jersey Turnpike. She can’t recite all the rest stops yet (Lombardi, Molly Pitcher, Joyce Kilmer…) but we’re working on it.

In the pictures below you’ll see Cecilia sporting a sweater and two hats, the blue hat and sweater from her Aunt Marianne and other hat from Zia Katie’s Mom (thanks Laura!). Both gather lots of compliments. You’ll also see Cece wearing a dress Michelle’s Nona first bought for her granddaughters and was later passed to Michelle and now to Cece. Just imagine how much drool and pureed peas that dress has seen!