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Dash vs. the Bubbles

It needs to be answered every day and it’s a question that strikes fear into the hearts of most parents: what am I going to do with my child today? How am I going to occupy the next fourteen hours? What can we do that will hold her attention for more than six seconds?

I’m sure this question will start to sort itself out as they get older and into more activities but right now a well-rested four year old is a vibrating, unstable atomic particle. If we don’t find a way to vent that energy we can safely declare our household a federal disaster zone before lunch.

Did I mention that we also have a puppy? A very energetic puppy?

Make that two unstable particles.

Put another way: take a honey badger, add a rattlesnake, plus a low-level tropical storm and put a roof over it and I feel like you’d have our typical weekend.

Luckily, Momma recently discovered a simple distraction that drives both of them to exhaustion.

For a solid ten minutes.

I’ll take it.


Dash vs. the Slide

One time might be coincidence. Twice, puppy exuberance. Three times is a full blown love affair. It’s been a good month now and if he could, Dash would marry the playground (this is Massachusetts so maybe that’s legal). It’s quite possible he loves the playground even more than Cecilia does. His agility genetics come out in spades when we hit the park. Slides, tunnels, stairs, sandbox, all at 100 miles per hour on his springy puppy legs pausing only to lap up some puppy Gatorade (water) or consider how to break into the tennis courts and get his teeth on all those bouncing balls. I’m pretty sure he’s going to figure out the swings pretty soon. Take a look:

Larger HD version here.

Ce vs. Dash

A pregnant woman, a toddler and a puppy walk into a room. Sounds like the setup to a Rodney Dangerfield joke, right? Nope. Just the new reality in the Donohue household. After Lola’s shockingly quick goodbye in the spring, we all felt a little loneliness in the house and when the opportunity suddenly popped up to get a new cocker puppy, it felt like a gift we couldn’t pass up.

We picked up Dash(iell) Hammett Donohue last Saturday and the whirling little dervish has been nipping his way into our hearts ever since. We adopted Lola when she was five, so a puppy is a new experience. So far, so good. He’s sleeping through the night (not in our bed!) and adjusting to his crate. Leash training will be the next big hurdle. There won’t be a dull moment for awhile. It will be chaos and cuteness for the rest of the summer and fall.