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The Bunny and the Eggs

Giant furry creatures with six inch plastic eyes take some getting used to, especially for a two year old. So, prior to the official Easter weekend egg hunt, last Saturday morning we took Cecilia to a primer hunt held at the local grocery (actually inside the store, yeah odd, I know, just go with it). She was definitely wary to the point of tears at the initial site of the Bunny and she remained wary throughout the experience, but by the end was at least coaxed into sitting next to him. The giant bucket of candy helped too.

Also, to get in the spirit and because Michelle like a good laundry challenge, she decided to invite Ce’s best friend Jackson over for a round of dying Easter eggs. Daddy was quite happy to be at work for this one, but Mamma reports it went off without a hitch and that both toddlers were very serious about the business of coloring their eggs.

The proof is in the photos: