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Kids vs. Easter Eggs

It is still cold and raw here in Boston and while we can see most of our grass, it’s still way too cold to toss the kids out the door in the morning to “explore their new yard.” But at this point in the winter (I refuse to acknowledge spring before we at least crack 50 on a regular basis), we’ve completely exhausted most feasible indoor distraction options that last long enough for one of us to finish a cup of coffee while it’s hot. We are desperate. Which explains how we ended up at the grocery store¬†Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.

About four years ago, we stumbled on an Easter egg hunt in our local supermarket, of all places. That first one was a bit of a train wreck. No organization, a very late bunny appearance and a rather unprepared staff in general. So our expectations were very low, still, it was new and different and we hoped would capture the girls’ attention for at least 15 minutes.

We were therefor pleasantly surprised to find that while the crowds have gotten no bigger and the bunny is still terrifying to Ce, the logistics definitely had improved. The girls had a great time stuffing their faces with free mini donuts and then careening around (rather bewildered) customers pulling eggs off the shelves. Allison was genuinely confused at first but she’s very good at doing exactly as big sister does, so she managed to to figure it out pretty quick.

We followed it up by dying some eggs of our own. Not a bad Saturday morning after all.

The Art of the Egg

There is a famous childhood story (it’s like catnip for my parents around this time of year) about me dying Easter eggs at my grandparents and ending up covered in purple dye. Cecilia is far too deliberate for that to happen, but she does like a good egg dying session. Look how far she’s come in two years, from Tupperware to glitter eggs.

If you’re feeling a little down, I dare you to watch the 0:50 second mark and not smile. Go ahead, try.

Happy Easter, everyone. If you see us on the turnpike feel free to wave!

Larger HD version here

The Bunny and the Eggs

Giant furry creatures with six inch plastic eyes take some getting used to, especially for a two year old. So, prior to the official Easter weekend egg hunt, last Saturday morning we took Cecilia to a primer hunt held at the local grocery (actually inside the store, yeah odd, I know, just go with it). She was definitely wary to the point of tears at the initial site of the Bunny and she remained wary throughout the experience, but by the end was at least coaxed into sitting next to him. The giant bucket of candy helped too.

Also, to get in the spirit and because Michelle like a good laundry challenge, she decided to invite Ce’s best friend Jackson over for a round of dying Easter eggs. Daddy was quite happy to be at work for this one, but Mamma reports it went off without a hitch and that both toddlers were very serious about the business of coloring their eggs.

The proof is in the photos:


Here’s a quick video that show’s Cece in all her egg-y glory. Not sure she really understood the concept of dying eggs, but she did like rolling in the grass (and occasionally rolling over one) and finding some plastic eggs loaded with Cheerios. My one regret is missing out on getting some footage of her trying to tear the eggs apart. I was distracted playing referee between Cece and Lola. But by the grimace on her face you’d think she was trying to wrench time itself¬† in half. Like everything she does it was very cute. At least to her parents. Just like it’s supposed to be.

Watch the larger HD version here.