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Cecilia vs. the Slip’N Slide

Cecilia is currently very interested in what Mommy and Daddy were like as little kids. Did you go to kindergarten when you were a little boy? Did you have chicken pox when you were a little girl? Did you get in trouble? Did you always eat your dinner? Did you have air conditioning? Did you watch a lot of Murder, She Wrote? Did you take a nap? Did you spend a lot of your youth on the Jersey Turnpike? Did you drive your parents to drink?

So today at lunch (when we were able to get a word in) she was thrilled to learn that we were going to show her a toy that both Mommy and Daddy had played with as a child. After spending the morning making our yard less of an embarrassment and lacking much more ambition on a hot day, but with an entire sunny afternoon still in front of us we needed to do something. So we did what a lot of people in more landlocked states probably do: went to Wal-Mart, came home, unrolled some plastic and turned on the hose. I’ll neither confirm nor deny that a cooler may also have been involved.

After some initial concern where Ce was really struggling with the entire concept, she eventually worked out a knee slide technique that worked for her. And after a few hours sprinting around the yard in the sun, both kids are in bed by 7 and I’m a very happy Slip’N Slide owner.


When you have a child, you quickly learn that each side of the family is going to see what they want to see or expect to see. One familiar refrain, especially once Ce’s curly mop fully grew in, was that she was the spitting image of my sister. I think Chelle grew a bit weary of hearing about this uncanny resemblance as if the Donohue gene pool ran roughshod over anything her side brought to the table and went digging for evidence that there was plenty of DiLisi/Duffy represented.

To wit, here is a photo of Chelle at about the same age of Cecilia, curls and all.

Overheard at Bedtime

We are neck deep in daycare cold season and Cece has a doozy right now. It’s chapped her nose, but hasn’t dulled her spirits too much. She’s just leaking all over the house. Mama has taken to mopping with Purell in an effort to contain the plague and keep us parents upright. The verdict is still out on whether it will work.

Otherwise, the whole family is climbing the walls just waiting for spring. Cecilia visited her grandparents last weekend in Philly and was ecstatic to actually be able to see the grass. She went a little nutty and sprinted around the house three times before collapsing in a heap of smiles and curls. Needless to say the return to the frozen, snow crusted wilds of Boston was a bit of a letdown. Sprinting headlong around the dining room table 37 times just isn’t the same outlet.

Living in such close proximity this snowbound winter, we’ve noticed Cecilia is entering that distinct toddler phase known as the mimic. She’s a sponge for facial expressions, daily routines, verbal tics and offhand remarks. Just in the last weeks she’s flaunted her knowledge by prepping my coffee cup, bringing me my slippers, and reminding Mama that Daddy likes two fingers of scotch, neat.

Here was our exchange last night, while prepping for bed. We were reading ‘Eats’, a word association and picture book. Mouse…cheese, Squirrel…acorn, bird…worn. You get the idea. The books build to a rousing conclusion on the last page:

Daddy: “And who eats ice cream?”

Cecilia: “GRANDMOM!”

Now we know who’s been polishing off the sundae’s in the Friendly’s kid’s meal! So beware, you’re secrets are no longer safe with Cecilia.

The Return to Work

How could three months possibly go so quickly? Since Cecilia was born, the days seem to fly by with diaper changes, soothing sessions, feedings, crying, bathing, and bedtime.  Then we wake up and do it all over again.   During it all, my return to work date always seemed to loom over my head.  I have always wanted to be a working mother but there are definite advantages and disadvantages to being one.  Finally at three months, Cecilia has become much more interactive and wants to see everything that is going on around her.  She squeals with delight at our songs and stories, she watches us whenever we come into or leave a room and she yawns with us when its time to go to bed.  So just when she is now becoming the little person, its time for Mike and I to go back to work.  It seems unfair.

Then there is the daycare situation.  Personally, I don’t like the idea of passing my child off to someone else to “educate” them.  Something feels very wrong about it.  This week we had a daycare issue where our original choice fell through and we had to scramble to find a new place.  The new school is down the street and the people there seem very nice.  However, I still don’t feel that any place is good enough for Cecilia.  So now it is time to go back to work.  I am hoping that once I start work again that I will be able to find the balance that so many Moms are forced to seek.  One day at a time is going to be my motto for the next few weeks, but it doesn’t mean that I still won’t cry when I have to drop her off at school on Wednesday.