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Allison vs. 4 Months

Hey Ally-

First, the bad news.

We will forever remember your fourth month on this mortal coil for two words: ear infection.

With Cecilia, we never experienced the unique joys of infant inner ear pain so when you started howling like an unattended boiling tea pot and forgoing sleep we were at a bit of a loss. What was happening? Was Ce sticking you with pins when we weren’t looking? Was Dash nibbling your toes? Did you hate watching Caillou as much as we did?

The next two weeks were a haze of 3 a.m. infomercials, delirious daylight hours and sleep fueled solely by exhaustion. It was not pretty. The prevailing wisdom these days from pediatricians is to let kids ride ’em out and eschew antibiotics. Thankfully when we finally convinced them to see us, the solution was almost worse than the problem. We now had to convince our irritable, cranky, uncomfortable angel that taking a plunger full of viscous pink liquid was in her best interest. It was a messy and frustrating experience like trying to eat soup with a fork off a plate. But we survived tougher, wiser and acclimated to four hours of sleep a night.

Now, the good news.

We will also remember your fourth month on this mortal coil for two other words: flirty face.

You really do not like to be alone (you must get this from your Mom) and have rapidly developed into a huge flirt. Luckily, perhaps as a defense mechanism, you’ve accompanied this questionable habit of attention mongering with an irresistible reward: the flirty face.

When you’ve suckered someone into your eye line with your plaintive (and totally fake) cries, you will reward the gullible mark with a cherubic grin accompanied by sticking out your little pointy tongue. That’s the flirty face and man, if you are that good at wielding it now, I’m really nervous for when you learn how to harness it’s full power.

Other things we learned this month:

  • You are starting to get the hang of grabbing Dash’s ears
  • Despite the aggressive comforting tactics, you really like your big sister
  • You’ve moved on to the big bottles
  • Mommy’s really good at making you giggle



Four Months

Dear Cecilia-

20090815-_DSC0037-EditThis last month has been full of big changes for all of us.  Your Dad and I went back to work and after some last minute (stressful) changes we enrolled you in a school down the street.  Somehow, like the word playpen,  daycare is almost taboo and carries some hidden stigma in today’s parenting culture. Anyway, the school is brand new and you were the only baby there for the first two weeks. It was like they were waiting for you and your sunny disposition to hang out with them while we were at work. Talk about individual attention! I’m not sure who was spoiled more, you or the teachers.

img005You instantly caught the hearts of everyone at the school. When we would come to pick you up at the end of the day they would gush about you and tell us how lucky we were to have such a sweet baby. Your father was a bit embarrased by the whole thing and mumbled about paying them a pot of gold each month to say such things, but we both agreed, payola or no, there was no denying you were a really sweet baby. You were named infant of the month for August. Granted, you had a one in three shot, but it’s good to see you setting high standards for yourself early on!

20090725-DSC_0038Your teachers love to do art projects with you and our refrigerator that once held coupons, Red Sox schedules and recipes is now filled with your artwork.  We have pictures of corn, watermelon, and popcorn all done with your footprints.  There are also lobsters, clown fish, and bumblebees made with your tiny hands and toes. We’re not sure if you enjoy these projects or not, but you certainly enjoying splashing in the water to clean up. At home, the running faucet during bathtime now fascinates you  and you spend most of the time trying to catch or grab the water and giving us funny ‘wha happened’ looks when it runs through your fingers.

This month you’ve also started to recognize some songs. Your current favorite song is the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with full hand pantomine. You can’t seem to get enough of that stubborn arachnid and his water spout.

20090812-DSC_0024Probably our favorite development this month has been your giggle fits. There is no rhyme or reason to what sets you off, sometimes it’s when one of us enters the room, sometimes it’s the sound of a voice. Sometimes it’s the fairy dust, but everytime it cracks us up. The world truly needs more baby laughter.

As far as we know you also like animals (I couldn’t imagine having a daughter who didn’t). At home, you’ve started to take an interest in the furry beast that keeps plopping down next to your head. We’re working on gentle petting, not grabbing for two fistfuls of fur. Luckily Lola is very patient with her new adopted ‘puppy’ and tolerates you to an extreme. On one errand, we visited a local farm and while the fat billy goat gave you a start, you like watching the the clucking chickens run around the coop.

Every day you seem to get bigger and being back at work has quickly made both your Father and I recognize how valuable it is to spend time together as a family. Cecilia, even though you were born only four months ago you are already so full of life.

Mom & Dad