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Sisters vs. Halloween

Stress was already high at our house with a potential move looming, so our nerves were pretty¬†shredded even before the prospect of facing a¬†screwed up bed time routine and sugar crashing children entered the picture. So we gritted our teeth and….were pleasantly surprised.

The alcohol def-con started the night at 4, but never inched higher. There were no costume mishaps, no spills, no tears, no boneless meltdowns. There was definitely some candy and hyperactivity, but it all crested and crashed to have both Elsa and Tink sleeping by nine. A veteran of five Halloweens now, I’ll take that.

Sisters vs. Halloween

If I learned anything in the last four years it’s that Halloween typically ends in sugar, frustration and bourbon. This year we can probably add streaks of Ariel-red hair spray on the sheets and furniture.

We tried to get ahead of the demons that are sure to occupy our children by this tomorrow night and get a few decent pictures of Hallween prep and pageantry for posterity.

Cost basis on the honey pot costume keeps getting lower!

Trick or….ummm….Daddy?

Who knew you could cancel Halloween? Not Cecilia and her buddy Jackson. They braved snow, ice and town decrees to wait till Friday in order to swagger up to stranger’s homes and demand candy. This year we didn’t make a lot of progress in the costume department (you won’t see Tinker Bell’s wings or wand or any photo), but she did enjoy the freedom of exploring stranger’s yards and peeking in their front doors, especially if there was a dog in costume. The candy was just a nice bonus for the free home tours. Tip for grandparents and aunts and uncles: you’ll make a friend for life if you give Cecilia a glow stick.


Let’s Go to the Hop!

The emphasis on this year’s costume was 1) integrating the red shoes for compliance and 2) not having it look too much like a costume that she’d start fighting to take it off 4 seconds after wearing it. We went with a simple (i.e., not expensive) 50’s poodle skirt sort of thing. Mission accomplished. Cecilia had a busy holiday weekend with a day care party, a neighborhood party and then trick or treating and once we bribed her into the costume her only complaint was that more people didn’t recognize the brilliance of sparkly shoes.

PS – We’re saving the obvious Dorothy costume. Daddy has a sweet cowardly lion costume in the closet, but he says in the movie the lion doesn’t get tendinitis from carrying Dorothy down the yellow brick road so why should he. Plus we need the pig tails. Maybe by next year.