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Sisters vs. Easter Dresses

Life with one child, never mind two (and a dog), is a never ending process of revising your to-do list in order to change a diaper, find a missing My Little Pony, create your own Frozen invitations because you refuse to pay black market prices or staying up late trying to soothe an ear infection.

Our lives the last month have been a storm of spring sickness (Ally & Mom), birthday parties (Cecilia), doctors appointments (Cecilia & Ally), holiday visiting, and futile attempts to disguise amoxicillin doses in apple sauce. I’ll spare you those photos and just share the cuteness (at least post-Easter mass) of the matching dresses and the egg hunt. We were not foolish enough to attempt any Easter bonnets.

Ce vs. the City

At the rate I’m going, I’ll be posting middle school videos on the eve of high school graduation. Regardless of my sloth and inactivity, I hope you enjoy a quick video from back at the beginning of summer. Spring wasn’t great. Well, the cold and rain was great for the peas (a bumper crop this year), but not great for little kids eager to break the bonds of winter and get outside in shorts and upsleeves (I hope Ce never stop using that term, I love it. Upsleeves along with cup sofa (coaster) are probably my favorite Ce-isms).

It was a dark and drab spring and most of Memorial Day weekend was pretty gray as well, but Monday dawned bright and mild and we were determined to make something of it. It was off to Boston for a day of exploring. It may have taken 20 years and untold billions but I can really say the Big Dig is kind of nice. Downtown is totally transformed and much more pedestrian friendly. There are new parks, playgrounds and gardens. You should really come and visit.

[Note: if you’re a parent and are seeing this whole enterprise as a transparent ploy to drain our kids of energy on the cheap and open the wine a little earlier on our return, then you are totally correct! And it totally worked!]

Father’s Day ’11

[Ed. Note: If you catch me on an honest day or at the bottom of a scotch, I’ll readily admit that due to a crushing sense of embarrasment, I self-censor most photos on this site so that I rarely appear. One day a year, Michelle gets her revenge and digs through the pile and pulls out all the ones that make me cringe. Isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about?]

Most of you know him as Mike D, but in this house its Daddy.  His name rings out from sun up to sun down. Now the public Mike is usually reserved, thoughtful, organized, and quick-witted. However, Cecilia and I have a secret to share. When no one else is around, Daddy is SILLY.  With a capital S. At any point of the day you may see Daddy and Cecilia making up songs, practicing newly invented dances, or making rocket ships out of blankets and chairs.  Cecilia can not get enough of it and whenever Daddy is in the room, she is sure to be his trusty toddling sidekick.  She asks for Daddy to read her books, pick her up, or put her on his shoulders.  She wants to run like Daddy, shave like Daddy, and dress like Daddy in work clothes each morning. She is truly a Daddy’s girl and I have got the pictures to prove it!

[Okay, maybe that’s what Father’s Day is about.]

The Bunny and the Eggs

Giant furry creatures with six inch plastic eyes take some getting used to, especially for a two year old. So, prior to the official Easter weekend egg hunt, last Saturday morning we took Cecilia to a primer hunt held at the local grocery (actually inside the store, yeah odd, I know, just go with it). She was definitely wary to the point of tears at the initial site of the Bunny and she remained wary throughout the experience, but by the end was at least coaxed into sitting next to him. The giant bucket of candy helped too.

Also, to get in the spirit and because Michelle like a good laundry challenge, she decided to invite Ce’s best friend Jackson over for a round of dying Easter eggs. Daddy was quite happy to be at work for this one, but Mamma reports it went off without a hitch and that both toddlers were very serious about the business of coloring their eggs.

The proof is in the photos:

Happy Easter

Cece thoroughly enjoyed her first Easter. She had a great time dying eggs, going to Easter mass, eating mac and cheese, hunting for Easter eggs and eating every crumb of lemon cake on her plate. Now we are all beat. More later in the week on the thrilling Easter egg hunt duel between Lola and Cece. Lola could sniff them out, but could she crack them open in time before Cece caught up?