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Sisters vs. Manual Labor

Remember my dream? The one where I can sit undisturbed for five minutes and maybe finish an adult beverage before it goes warm and flat? I¬†caught another glimpse of the dream recently. It’s now tantalizingly close.

One recent weekday, feeling lumpy and lazy and bereft of creative and instructionally educational  ideas to distract the kids, but not yet desperate enough to resort to Netflix, we Tom Sawyered the girls into thinking that using big sponges and soapy buckets would be a fun activity. We managed to get a solid quarter panel and one tire washed before a swarming pile of ants caught their attention.

The parental nirvana of chores and free child labor is in sight!

Christmas in January

I’d make a resolution to stay on top of pictures and videos and post every week, but we all know that would be a lie. So here are some pictures from Christmas. We kept up the Donohue tradition of at least 500 miles traveled, 5 houses and at least 13 cookie varieties samples. Cecilia definitely was down with the last one. The other parts of the Donohue traveling Christmas bazaar are going to take more getting used to. Part 2 tomorrow! Really.