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Sisters vs. the Pajamas

It started last night. I came out of the shower and found them wiggling on the nursery floor like the cutest larvae you’ve ever seen.

Maybe I should have seen this coming last year when Michelle made us all buy a matching shirts on vacation (yes, almost 12 months later I can now admit it). It turns out that devious act of marriage jujitsu have been just the tip of the iceberg. In a house with two little girls, she now has the opportunity to fully scratch that matching outfit itch and Cecilia is a more than enthusiastic co-conspirator.

So now, not only am I awash in dolls, ruffles, cute pastel onesies and every hue of pink in the spectrum, there is now a coordinated attack on the girl’s wardrobe. I need to keep a close eye on Dash before I find him with harmonizing accessories danging from his ears or collar.