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Kids vs. the Nap

Finally felt like spring was here this weekend and we did our parental duty and hit four playgrounds and let the kids loose. They hit that unsuspecting equipment like squirrels injected with high-test caffeine and we were happy sit back in the sun and let them go until they were glassy-eyed with fatigue.

It was a good thing too as the last few weeks our house has been more like a hospital ward than a home. The rampaging stomach bug hit our house hard and it was not pretty. No photos of that, but one afternoon we tried to convince the kids to take an afternoon nap on the couch. Cecilia and Dash were all for it (Cecilia will agree to anything if Frozen is on in the background). Allison also thought this couch game was a blast. She’d lie down then pop up every ten seconds and cackle.

The naps never happened, but we did get some funny photos.

Allison vs. 6 Months

Dear Ally-

Well, I’ll be honest, six months had its fair share of up and downs. After that month-long illness respite, the day care germ fairies struck again. Luckily, your incubation in there seems to be working. Your congestion was short-lived, but it did lead to some long nights as your sleeping patterns went haywire.

We also discovered the ‘secret’ to your bafflingly long naps that day care report all the time yet rarely were repeated at home. Yes, they really did happen, but they happened in the swing. Momma was not happy with that crutch and ordered a stop to it. After a few crabby days, you now to seem to accept that you have to nap in your cage. You’ve even topped an hour, almost two on occasion.

One thing that has helped the wretched, horrible pain of being forced to take multiple naps a day is your bunny. While Cece developed an attachment to a knitted blanket, you have adopted a plush, white bunny as your crib buddy. It now borders on a magic talisman that will instantly calm you down. You’ll clutch it (actually it’s closer to crush it) close and kiss it and soon be slipping into rainbow-tinged dreams of warm milk, big burps and constant, adoring attention.

Other six month milestones included: a visit to New Jersey to play with your cousins, your first trip to the Cape (no lobster roll yet), your first nibble of blended food and your first meal with the family in a high chair. Six months is the official time to invoke the Gallagher rule and pull out the ponchos to protect ourselves from pureed flying pears, sweet potatoes, bananas and peas. Dash is in heaven.