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Sisters vs. Manual Labor

Remember my dream? The one where I can sit undisturbed for five minutes and maybe finish an adult beverage before it goes warm and flat? I¬†caught another glimpse of the dream recently. It’s now tantalizingly close.

One recent weekday, feeling lumpy and lazy and bereft of creative and instructionally educational  ideas to distract the kids, but not yet desperate enough to resort to Netflix, we Tom Sawyered the girls into thinking that using big sponges and soapy buckets would be a fun activity. We managed to get a solid quarter panel and one tire washed before a swarming pile of ants caught their attention.

The parental nirvana of chores and free child labor is in sight!

Sisters vs. Spring

The last week has been a haze of Benadryl, pollen and hay fever. Cecilia even stayed home from school one day because she honestly looked so pathetic by 7 a.m., nose flowing, eyes watering, that even our two-child hardened hearts could not send her into daycare.

Don’t think we didn’t consider Saran wrapping her windows and doors to create a bubble of sanity for the poor child. The amount of antihistamines she was on was the close equivalent of a horse tranquilizer, but did it put our 5 year old down? Of course not. You’d also think that being home she would revel in watching her shows all day. What happens? She’s in my office by 9:30 wondering if I’d like to color.

So our recent relations with spring and its millions of spores and inch worms has left us re-thinking our position on winter. A month ago however when the permafrost softened and the 4 inches of ice finally melted we were happy to drop the drawbridge, unlock the doors and throw open the gates and let the little beasts run wild.

Dash vs. the Bubbles

It needs to be answered every day and it’s a question that strikes fear into the hearts of most parents: what am I going to do with my child today? How am I going to occupy the next fourteen hours? What can we do that will hold her attention for more than six seconds?

I’m sure this question will start to sort itself out as they get older and into more activities but right now a well-rested four year old is a vibrating, unstable atomic particle. If we don’t find a way to vent that energy we can safely declare our household a federal disaster zone before lunch.

Did I mention that we also have a puppy? A very energetic puppy?

Make that two unstable particles.

Put another way: take a honey badger, add a rattlesnake, plus a low-level tropical storm and put a roof over it and I feel like you’d have our typical weekend.

Luckily, Momma recently discovered a simple distraction that drives both of them to exhaustion.

For a solid ten minutes.

I’ll take it.


Fall Fashion

Who said sewing is dead? Long live home ec! Turns out there is nothing like a baby to get people to sharpen their darning needles. Leading up to her birth and since, we’ve received many wonderful homemade gifts from blankets and hats, to sweaters and socks. Since she was born in April, we haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate her chic wardrobe till the weather started turning. She’s now turning quite a few heads in her distinct, homemade line.

The other thing we’ve noticed is how a new generation gets people talking about family and traditions. We’ve loved hearing stories about extending a gallon of milk. Strategies for getting kids to bed. Homespun teething respites. Late night Christmas disasters and quite a few other tales that would make a social worker blush! While we’re looking forward to our first holiday season, we’ve already initiated Cece into the Donohue family tradition of traveling relentlessly up and down the Jersey Turnpike. She can’t recite all the rest stops yet (Lombardi, Molly Pitcher, Joyce Kilmer…) but we’re working on it.

In the pictures below you’ll see Cecilia sporting a sweater and two hats, the blue hat and sweater from her Aunt Marianne and other hat from Zia Katie’s Mom (thanks Laura!). Both gather lots of compliments. You’ll also see Cece wearing a dress Michelle’s Nona first bought for her granddaughters and was later passed to Michelle and now to Cece. Just imagine how much drool and pureed peas that dress has seen!