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Ce vs. the City

At the rate I’m going, I’ll be posting middle school videos on the eve of high school graduation. Regardless of my sloth and inactivity, I hope you enjoy a quick video from back at the beginning of summer. Spring wasn’t great. Well, the cold and rain was great for the peas (a bumper crop this year), but not great for little kids eager to break the bonds of winter and get outside in shorts and upsleeves (I hope Ce never stop using that term, I love it. Upsleeves along with cup sofa (coaster) are probably my favorite Ce-isms).

It was a dark and drab spring and most of Memorial Day weekend was pretty gray as well, but Monday dawned bright and mild and we were determined to make something of it. It was off to Boston for a day of exploring. It may have taken 20 years and untold billions but I can really say the Big Dig is kind of nice. Downtown is totally transformed and much more pedestrian friendly. There are new parks, playgrounds and gardens. You should really come and visit.

[Note: if you’re a parent and are seeing this whole enterprise as a transparent ploy to drain our kids of energy on the cheap and open the wine a little earlier on our return, then you are totally correct! And it totally worked!]

Dash vs. the Slide

One time might be coincidence. Twice, puppy exuberance. Three times is a full blown love affair. It’s been a good month now and if he could, Dash would marry the playground (this is Massachusetts so maybe that’s legal). It’s quite possible he loves the playground even more than Cecilia does. His agility genetics come out in spades when we hit the park. Slides, tunnels, stairs, sandbox, all at 100 miles per hour on his springy puppy legs pausing only to lap up some puppy Gatorade (water) or consider how to break into the tennis courts and get his teeth on all those bouncing balls. I’m pretty sure he’s going to figure out the swings pretty soon. Take a look:

Larger HD version here.

One Fine Day

When you make the decision to have a child, you are expecting some changes obviously. Big changes really. But it’s hard to quantify just how much changes. It’s both seismic, macro changes and teeny, tiny microscopic changes. All the way down to how you even define a word or experience. To wit, a good day is now something totally different for me than it used to be. It’s no longer dependent on the Red Sox winning, a three hour nap, capturing a leprechaun or an ice-cold beer. Okay, maybe the beer still qualifies, but it’s as if Cece is holding up a prism and refracting my vision. In a good way. See for yourself:

Watch the larger HD version here.