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Christmas in January

I’d make a resolution to stay on top of pictures and videos and post every week, but we all know that would be a lie. So here are some pictures from Christmas. We kept up the Donohue tradition of at least 500 miles traveled, 5 houses and at least 13 cookie varieties samples. Cecilia definitely was down with the last one. The other parts of the Donohue traveling Christmas bazaar are going to take more getting used to. Part 2 tomorrow! Really.

Little Grass Shack

When I was growing up, I remember my Dad going on business trips. Typically cable conventions or cable systems in exotic places like Sarasota or Oswego. Dad’s business trips meant two things: at least one TV dinner if it happened during the week (I still have a strong sensory memory of Hungry Man cherry compote) and, when we were smaller, a grab bag of goodies upon his return. Granted, the goodies consisted almost exclusively of free convention swag festooned with cable channel logos (although sometimes it was a sports arena program and ticket stubs). I’m sure my Mom cringed at the influx of stress balls, tote bags, cup holders, ash trays, coasters, lanyards and other tchotchkes, but we loved it, fought over it and hoarded it like it was shiny Spanish doubloons.

Well, Cece had her first introduction to the return trip goodie basket when a bursting USPS box showed up on our doorstep smelling like tropical sunshine and double rainbows. Its arrival just happened to coincide with her grandparents return from Hawaii. Ce’s reaction didn’t disappoint:

Let them eat (cup)cakes!

Cecilia’s celebrated her first birthday this past weekend with verve and style. Actually she was a little sick (how appropriate given the day care colds we’ve endured this year) and off her game, but even on an off day she managed to make everyone smile.

One lesson learned for next year: start the party earlier. By the time we presented the birthday girl with her cupcake she was teetering on the edge of a meltdown and even pink buttercream wasn’t going to save her. She was a bit half hearted in her tasting. Luckily she’ll have plenty more birthdays to sample.