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Ce vs. Perpetual Motion

If you spend even just a few hours with our daughter, you know she is a font of energy. I know this is not unusual for little kids, but just like the size of her gigantic, 95th percentile head (sorry honey, that’s from me!), we are convinced her energy reserves also must be near top of the charts. In fact, the very act of sitting still is what now serves to get us most concerned something is wrong.

We call it the Dora/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse scale. If she sits through an entire 20 minute episode of either show, then she’s probably just knocked off her morning 5 miler and is just recouping. If she sits through two episodes, she probably picked up a bug at daycare. If she sits through three episodes, hot dog, we are grabbing the go-bag and hitting the ER.

And nothing seems to get Ce moving more than the vast expanse of Grandmother and Papa’s backyard. Given the opportunity she will endless run from fence post to fence post. It’s exhausting just snapping the photos.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Now that we are firmly past the two year old barrier, Cecilia’s coordination seems to finally be stabilizing into something at least resembling a cenozoic primate. I no longer gnash my teeth and pray anytime she breaks out into a trot over a hard surface. I never knew how much fun it could be to watch a child run. And after hopping around like a circus flea on speed, running is probably her favorite thing to do.